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Would you go in?

Cover to come...

Poppy Sunshine lives on the outskirts of the Dark Forest with no one but her three-headed dog, and her Uncle Jute (a hob) to keep her company. The forest is a dangerous place, home to all kinds of creatures of lore and nightmare. For the people who live in the Hollows--the villages around the forest, it’s a fearful place to be avoided at all costs. But to Poppy, whose parents hunt cursed objects in the forest, it’s a place to strive for--fierce and wild, and with the sharp promise of belonging to something bigger. Poppy is desperately tired of being left behind, and wants to walk the woods at her parents’ side. 


Together with her best friend Mack (a young giant), and a Pooka named Fionula, Poppy decides that if her parents don’t want her around, she’ll prove they’ve made a mistake by beating them on their own assignment. But when her parents are taken, Poppy and her friends must figure out which monsters were responsible. It might be the Faerie Queen—who seems to think Poppy would make a delightful addition to the royal court, or it could be the Valkyrie battle maidens….or the predatory bog witch who claims to grant wishes. 


Following a trail of intentionally set fires, Poppy discovers that the true monsters who took her parents aren’t monsters at all. Now she and her friends must save her parents, and the Grimwood she loves so much, before human fear and misunderstanding burn it all to the ground.

© Gabrielle Byrne, 2018